Getting my SFGII was amazing.  The first unexpected accomplishment was getting my title as an Iron Maiden.  To be an Iron Maiden  you have to do 3 events which are a strict military press, a strict tactical pullup, and a pistol squat.  Women do it with 24 kg (53lbs)

Squat and Slam

Quit doing long cardio sessions.  There is no reason to spend an hour on the treadmill unless you are training for a marathon.  You got it? Here is a great exercise to include in your training.  I recommend to perform this after every set of your weight training.  

Pressing 24 kg

At the end of the workout decided to do my last two presses for the day.  Surprising I was able to do 2 each side (after an intense workout).  My goal is press the 28kg.  Will see!

Great way on finishing a training day

Sometimes when you are almost done with your training you kind of wonder what should I do next.  It happens to all of us! I did this video to show you an amazing way of doing it.  Build your core stronger!  Recommended:  4 sets of 10 reps WITHOUT rest.

Looking forward to Rest Day?

During my 10,000 swing challenge in 20 days for the month of November I was getting exhausted.  Specially when you are doing a combination of swings and other strength exercises.  I was looking forward to  rest day in a heart beat.

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Sometimes we have to take a break, rest and enjoy with the family.  Enjoy it!


I'm Strong First Instructor and after seeing other people struggling with their swings, decided to show you how to properly do a Russian Hardstyle Swing.  After you watch the video if you don't feel comfortable on performing one seek for a certified instructor in your area.  If you are here in Fayetteville or Hope Mills area call me.  


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