Quotes First time I met Heyda I knew that she was the person I needed in my life. She is an amazing trainer, strong and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks to her help now I know more about nutrition and what to do when I go to the gym. Thank you Heyda for all your help!!! Quotes
Anna Cioni-Stugart
Satisfied Cross-fitter

Quotes One of the BEST things about Heyda is her education. I'm not food-savvy, nor am I any good in the kitchen. She helped me learn about food and what it means to provide real fuel for your body. She also set up a fabulous nutrition program that was EASY to follow. And Heyda doesn't just bark info at you; she makes you LEARN it so you can use the tools without her. By teaching me about nutrition, she gave me independence to make good choices. Lifting? Heyda is a powerhouse. Always had new ideas & great ways to keep it interesting. Now when I go to the gym, I use her tools to get my pump on. She also encouraged me to do things that were outside my comfort zone & helped me with a running program to get half marathon PR. I lost 30 lbs. & probably about 10-12 inches off my waist (Size-almost-14 to a Size 4). I gained awesome muscle mass & seriously sexy arms using Heyda's lifting techniques. And now the gym is my 2nd home! Quotes
B.S. Cahill
"the runner"

Quotes Well what can I say, you are the best of the best Quotes
Marife MacDermott

Quotes Through working out with Heyda I've built more than tone and muscle. I've built confidence and fitness goals I always thought were beyond my reach. Thanks for helping me find my inner strength! Quotes
Karen Steppe
"satisfied Mom"

Quotes Training with Heyda is a true full on intense experience. I trained with her for 6 months and lost 22 lbs and I am still keeping it off 6 months later. She not only listened to me and made a work out program but helped me to develop better coping skills with my love hate relationship with food. Not many trainers take the time to really sit down and just talk to their clients without it being all about measurements. Heyda was personable and clear from day 1! She pushes you to your limit and then just when you think your can't do anymore she has this ability of still push you beyond that and it's so rewarding! It's very few trainers out there that are more than just the number of crunches that they can get you to do. I can truly say that I was taught how to incorporate healthy exercise and eating techniques that are not going to last for only a few months but for a life time. Heyda changed my life for the better, and I will always be great full. Quotes
Wendy Delacruz
"the Captain"

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